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Updated DOD COVID-19 Clinical Practice Guideline

Updated DOD COVID-19 Guidance

Attached is the updated 13 April version of the the DOD COVID-19 Practice Guideline. The initial publication was 23 March. We are living in a dynamic era and managing a novel disease while knowledge about its pathophysiology, presentation, and treatment is constantly evolving. It is vitally important to remain adaptive and study constantly to discover the most optimal management of COVID-19 infected patients. These are perilous, but fascinating times. The world has not experienced a similar event in the last century, the most comparable pandemic occurred in 1918. We can only pray that this pandemic never approaches the chaos, death, and societal disruption that the 1918 influenza caused. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures! Use this resource and tailor your practice accordingly. And I’m sure that this will change again, and frequently.

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