About Kinnetic Medicine, Disclaimer, and Comms

About Kinnetic Medicine

Welcome to Kinnetic Medicine (KM), a repository of resources for US military operational medical providers and emergent resuscitationists. KM is primarily dedicated to sharing concise and relevant information that will enhance the military medical providers’ capabilities and further enhance the survivability and lethality of the warfighters under their care. Included are course reviews, medical topic reviews, instructional go-bys, and general words of wisdom.

KM is also an ideal, a mindset, a concept. It is effective, it is adaptive, it is efficient medicine. It is constantly improving, continually evolving, compulsively pursuing excellence. The Kinnetic Lifestyle is dynamic, never static; it equals primacy in those things that matter most, in the now, in the emergent where moments define life. Again, welcome to Kinnetic Medicine, enjoy!

DOD Disclaimer

The views presented on this website are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the views of DoD or its components. Every attempt has been made to ensure that this website and its posts conform to the US Navy and DOD’s official guidance for unofficial internet posts as below:

  • Adheres to Federal law, DOD, and DON regulations and policies online.
  • No impersonations or misrepresentations are made.
  • No defamatory, libelous, obscene, abusive, threatening, racially or ethnically hateful, or otherwise offensive or illegal content is presented.
  • No classified, controlled but unclassified, or sensitive but unclassified content is presented.
  • Privacy is protected. Pictures have been approved for public use by the individuals or organizations pictured. Pictures with name tapes are either blurred, cropped, or not used. The details of narrative stories have been altered so as to protect each individual’s right to privacy.
  • No logos, phrases, or words are posted that would infringe upon service mark, certification mark, or other intellectual property rights. Direct quotes, or excerpts from other sources are indicated by quotation marks, footnotes, and indicative statements at the beginning of such posts.
  • No DON graphics are used inappropriately.
  • Only information that is approved for public release is shared on this website. Only open sources are used for building content.
  • Absolutely no political posts or comments will be allowed on this site. Every attempt has been made to avoid distributing misinformation.


Functioning comms are absolutely vital in the operational world. Without effective lines of communication, dysfunction and failure rule. If you have any questions or want more information about anything found on this site, feel free to contact me via below.

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