UMO/DMO Admin Resources

A plethora of Resources for UMOs/DMOs.

Linked below are various documents that UMO/DMOs frequently use during the execution of their operational and administrative duties. The US Navy Diving Manual is the Bible of all things Navy Diving, it contains nearly all the resources needed for USN Diving operations. The problem with the Dive Manual is that it is so complete that it is huge and not practical for daily usage.

The Diving Medical Officer Handbook was compiled from multiple sources during my operational tour and utilized on multiple dive trips as a reference. This handbook was purposefully designed for brevity by including high yield quick reference items and checksheets, and includes the Navy Dive Tables and their indications for use in pressing an injured diver. Feel free to download this and print a copy, ideally in half sheet size which can then be bound and carried easily on dive trips. This is version one, so if you discover any discrepancies or items that should be added or subtracted, let me know and I can modify the manuscript appropriately. This is not a DOD sanctioned work, just a helpful handbook from one UMO to another.

Further below are various resources for use and reference while performing the many administrative duties of a UMO/DMO. These include the Manual of Medicine Chapter 15, a fillable 2807, and modified 2808, and NAVMED 6150/2 the special duty abstract.

The complete USN Diving Manual, Revision 7.

The Diving Medical Officer Handbook is a compilation and distillation of the most pertinent diving information in the USN Dive Manual for use by DMOs/UMOs.

The Manual of Medicine Chapter 15, for reference when completing special duty physicals.

Checklist for completing special duty physicals.

A fillable 2807 for special duty physicals.

A modified 2808 for special duty physicals.

NAVMED 6150/2 Special Duty Medical Abstract.


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